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Fall color tour through the U.P. | Land O' Lakes WI


Fall color tour through the U.P.

Discover amazing color and more

Don’t settle for anything less than the most amazing fall colors. Just north of Land O’ Lakes, across the Michigan Border in the Ottawa National Forest, you’ll find a colorful fall driving route that Goes Beyond imagination, passing wild waterfalls and heading deep into a million-acre forest.

Heading out of Land O’ Lakes, take Highway 45 north through Watersmeet. Continue north to Paulding and take Bond Falls Road to Bond Falls. Step out of the car to check out a waterfall you won’t want to miss – it’s considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region.

Head back to Highway 45, then continue north to Bruce Crossing and take another side trip on Highway 28 east to Agate Falls, a true gem of a waterfall.

Double back on Highway 28 and travel west to beautiful Lake Gogebic. You’ll pass Merriweather on the lake’s north shore before you reach Highway 64. Take 64 south to Highway 2 East, which will take you back to Watersmeet, just north of Land O’ Lakes.

If you’re looking for a shorter drive, just follow County B west out of Land O’ Lakes. Heavily forested and free from power lines, the drive is beautiful.

Whichever route you choose around Land O’ Lakes, be warned: you’ll never look at fall colors the same.

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