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Biking the Land O’ Lakes Bike and Pedestrian Trail | Land O' Lakes WI


Biking the Land O’ Lakes Bike and Pedestrian Trail

Discover nature on two wheels

What do you get when you cross an easy-riding bike path with a wild and rugged wilderness? Maybe you should ask the eagle. You just might see one of these majestic creatures drifting above when you’re rolling down the Land O’ Lakes Bike and Pedestrian Trail, a paved path that heads west out of Land O’ Lakes and into the wilderness beyond.

To start your ride, you can unload your bike in the center of town, where there’s plenty of parking available. Feel free to park in the chamber lot if you’d like, and if it’s business hours, stop in and say hello. The office, located in a genuine log cabin, has lots of maps, brochures and great insider information.

Pick up the trail in the heart of Land O’ Lakes and start heading west.  You’ll find a 12-mile biking path with the same smooth surface and gentle grade of its urban cousins. But make no mistake, you won’t see any overpasses or smoke stacks on this ride.

What will you see? Wildlife, and more wildlife. Bald eagles, whitetail deer and sandhill cranes all call this country home.

Riding out of town, you’ll parallel County Highway B, one of the most scenic roads in northern Wisconsin. The trail will take you past Black Oak Lake, known as the clearest lake in Wisconsin, with visibility sometimes topping 50 feet. There’s a beach and picnic area with restrooms. It’s a good place to take a break and get a look at that impossibly-clear water.

Continuing on, you’ll roll through the wildest and most scenic part of the trail as you head toward the end of the trail at the corner of County Highway B and Deer Farm Road. You’ll pass through stands of ancient hemlock and white pine. On this part of the trail, you’re a ways from town but you’re in the heart of someplace wild and special. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to wave to the eagle!

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