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Hunting spring waterfalls | Land O' Lakes WI


Hunting spring waterfalls

As spring unfolds, the waterfalls around Land O’ Lakes become a big draw for nature lovers. Snowmelt gives these rivers a raw power that’s a sight to behold. The waterfalls put on fresh and dynamic displays every spring that are always awe-inspiring, even if it’s a view you’ve admired before. The waterfalls are a great excuse to take a scenic drive through the Ottawa National Forest and Land O’ Lakes is the perfect base for your adventure. Here are four waterfalls to experience this season.

Agate Falls
One of the finest waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is located across the border from Land O’ Lakes. Agate Falls is a true gem – it’s located on the upper branch of the Ontonagon River. The falls is a unique Northern treasure, shaped by terraced sandstone.

Bond FallsDeep in the wilderness, on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, you’ll find Bond Falls, a waterfall that cascades over ancient volcanic rock. It’s an iconic waterfall that’s been photographed and painted by generations of nature lovers. It continues to captivate and inspire visitors.

O Kun-De-Kun Falls
This waterfall is a “plunge falls,” meaning the water freefalls away from the bedrock into a pool far below. When the ice is gone, adventurous hikers can experience a different world by hiking behind the falls. It’s a scramble, but worth it for agile hikers. For the rest of us, the falls is also an impressive spectacle from the front.

Waterfalls of the Black River Scenic Byway
Drive west of Land O’ Lakes and you’ll find a spectacular series of cascading falls that form as the Black River makes its final descent toward Lake Superior. It’s about an hour drive from Land O’ Lakes but it’s a great way to experience several falls in one excursion.

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