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A snowshoe ticket into the Sylvania | Land O' Lakes WI


A snowshoe ticket into the Sylvania

During winter, snowshoes offer an entrance ticket to anyone seeking vast solitude and a taste of the Sylvania Wilderness Area’s incredible winter beauty. Go beyond horizons and explore the Sylvania this winter.

Park your car in the visitor center parking lot on the Park’s north side – you’ll find the entrance off U.S. Highway 2. From the lot, start your trek west into this 18,000-acre wilderness area via the access road, which is covered by deep snow through much of the winter. You’ll pass some seasonal campsites at the Clark Lake Campground that will be filled with tents in a few months. Now they are serene, covered with a thick blanket of snow – deer tracks will likely be the only sign of activity.

Continue on, and take a left downhill to the boat landing on Clark Lake. It’s a beautiful view, with the small island offshore now frozen in picturesque solitude.

Following the edge of the shore west, and you’ll encounter the lake’s swimming beach. In the summer, it comes alive with the sound of kid’s voices. This time of year, you might just hear the wind, but it’s a great place to reflect on the changing of seasons in the Sylvania and dream of the fun that will be had here next summer. From here, the snowshoeing possibilities are endless – continue along the lake’s edge, head down one of the park’s many trails or retrace your steps back to the car.

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