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Indoor discoveries in Land O’ Lakes | Land O' Lakes WI


Indoor discoveries in Land O’ Lakes

Discover art, shopping and more

While Land O’ Lakes is known for its scenic beauty, there are some beautiful discoveries to be found indoors. Land O’ Lakes has a vibrant arts community led by the LOLA Center for the Arts, which is home to the non-profit Land O’ Lakes Area Artisans, Inc. (LOLA). The organization holds art classes and cultural events for people of all ages. It offers cooking classes, wood carving instruction, painting classes and more. In the summer, LOLA offers Tuesday and Thursday morning/afternoon classes, aimed at children as well as dance and theater programs. These programs offer parents an opportunity to explore shopping in Land O’ Lakes while their children enjoy a learning experience with art.

Classes are all a lot of fun and a perfect activity for a day when the weather is not perfect. LOLA Center for the Arts is easy to find, located at 4262 County Highway B.

The facility rents space to Artistree Gallery Cooperative, which features the work of 30 area artists. It’s a great place to browse and purchase original artwork, crafts and art prints. The work is always changing and includes contemporary and traditional work. You’ll often run into an artist or two in the gallery.

Nearby LOLA, you’ll find a nice selection of Land O’Lakes stores that are a lot of fun to explore, offering items you won’t find in a big city. You’ll find stores selling gifts perfect for people back home, retailers with gear for the lakes and forests and stores selling apparel and home items that are perfect mementos for your trip.

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