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Beachgoing beyond – Clark Lake Beach | Land O' Lakes WI


Beachgoing beyond – Clark Lake Beach

If you like your sand pristine, your water clear and your views spectacular, welcome to Land O’ Lakes. We have beaches that truly Go Beyond. Some of the best beaches in the area are located in the heart of the wild 18,000-acre Sylvania Wilderness Area, just across the border in Michigan. One of the best beaches in the Sylvania offers a perfect blend of wilderness and accessibility. It’s called Clark Lake Beach and it’s a place you need to visit. Here’s how.

From downtown Land O’ Lakes, head north on Highway 45 to Watersmeet. Take Highway 2 west to Highway 535, which will take you to the Sylvania’s main entrance. Once inside the park, follow the signs to the beach. You’ll pass the Clark Lake camping area before arriving at parking on Clark Lake’s North Shore. It’s the largest of the lakes in the Wilderness Area and the beach offers an impressive view.

Stake out a place in the picnic area for lunch – there are tables and grills at the site – and find a piece of sand for the kids. The entrance to the lake is shallow and the water is usually calm, so it’s a good place for children and a pleasant place for any swimmer. There are bathrooms near the beach area, so this is a place you can stay for a while.

Hiking trails skirt the lake so if you feel like stretching your legs, you can explore some of the old growth forest that makes this park so special. If you have the time and desire for a longer hike, the 8.2 mile Clark Lake Recreation Trail loops around the whole lake. At the end of the hike, walk back onto the beach and through the soft sand. Wade into the cool water and take in the wild scenery.

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