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Bond Falls | Land O' Lakes WI

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Bond Falls

Travel north to find an enchanting and secluded wilderness waterfall

Many people haven’t heard of Bond Falls, which for you is a very good thing. Early in the day, you may have this spectacular place to yourself. When you arrive at Bond Falls you’ll hear the river before you see it. This is a massive and beautiful waterfall, deep in the wilderness, and located on the Middle Branch Ontonagon River in Paulding, Michigan. The river tumbles about 50 feet over ancient volcanic rock, forming beautiful cascades that are viewable from a 600-foot boardwalk. The falls provide unique drama in the winter, when the water freezes into temporary sculptures. No matter what the season, the river puts on a show. Bring a camera if you wish, but even if you take no photos, you’ll likely leave with something – this special place tends to leave an impression on everyone who visits. The falls is less than a half-hour drive north of Land O’ Lakes. To get to the falls from town, head east of Highway B and turn left on Highway 45. Travel north to Paulding (17.5 miles) and turn right on Bond Falls Road. Drive 3.1 miles east and you’ll find the falls. Allow plenty of time – the drive is short but you’ll want time to explore this remarkable place.

Open year round.

Phone: 906-353-6558
Address: Bond Falls Road, Paulding, MI 49912

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