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Storybook Garden

Visit our new Land O' Lakes attraction that kids will love~Storybook Garden. Walk into a world where children can bring various storybooks to life. A great opportunity to share a magical experience with your children, grandchildren, or kids...

Land O' Lakes Waterfall

Hunting spring waterfalls

As spring unfolds, the waterfalls around Land O’ Lakes become a big draw for nature lovers. Snowmelt gives these rivers a raw power that’s a sight to behold. The waterfalls put on fresh and dynamic displays every spring that are always ...

Winter Adventure

Snowmobile trails of Michigan and Wisconsin

One of the best stretches of snowmobile trail you’ll ever ride is just behind the Land O’ Lakes Library. While that might sound like an opinion only held by a librarian, there is something extraordinary about this little trail – it’...

Snowshoeing in Land O' Lakes

A snowshoe ticket into the Sylvania

During winter, snowshoes offer an entrance ticket to anyone seeking vast solitude and a taste of the Sylvania Wilderness ...

Wild Beach

Beachgoing beyond – Clark Lake Beach

If you like your sand pristine, your water clear and your views spectacular, welcome to Land O’ Lakes. We have beaches that truly Go Beyond. Some of the best beaches i...



LOLA classes

Indoor discoveries in Land O’ Lakes

While Land O’ Lakes is known for its scenic beauty, there are some beautiful discoveries to be found indoors. Land O’ Lakes has a vibrant arts community led by the LOLA Center for the Arts, which is home to the non-profit
Fall Land O' Lakes

Fall Colors in Land O’ Lakes and Beyond

Upper Peninsula Leaf Peeping Loop
Don’t settle for anything less than the most amazing fall colors. Just north of Land O’ Lakes, across the Michigan Border in the Ott...

Summer in Land O' Lakes

Paddling the Ontonagon

Just across the border from Land O’ Lakes, you can paddle through a land that time forgot. The beautiful Ontonagon River travels through miles of forested land that is...

Spring in Land O' Lakes

Fishing on Lac Vieux Desert

To start a true Northwoods fishing adventure, head to the source. Lac Vieux Desert, the headwaters of the Wisconsin River, is a timeless fishing lake located just e...

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