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Cross-country Skiing & Snowshoeing

The loudest sound you’ll hear on the trails around Land O’ Lakes is your boots clipping into your bindings. The forests of Land O’ Lakes are a silent wonderland in the winter, a dramatic white landscape of snow-covered, rolling glacia...

Canoeing & Kayaking

There’s a place where lake water is so clear you can see fish swimming, 30 feet below. There’s a place where rapids defiantly roar, taunting and beckoning adventurers. There’s a place where ancient rivers meander through marshes and b...


Is it possible to read by starlight? This is a question you might ponder in the forests around Land O’ Lakes, where the constellations are impossibly bright when viewed through a break in the woodland canopy. The forests, wilderness areas...


Spend more than a minute in the serene forests around Land O’ Lakes and you’ll discover that you have company. Lots of company. Look around, and you’ll see hawks and loons, swallows and flycatchers, warblers and woodpeckers. Close you...

UTVing & ATVing

The most important UTV/ATV trail in Land O’ Lakes is less than a mile long. That special little trail is not about the ride at hand but the ride ahead – the trail is your direct access link to the vast network of trails in the Upper Pen...


Explore beautiful, wild and remote land on your own power in Land O’ Lakes. The area offers a great mix of riding options that will take you through northern Wisconsin and into the Michigan wilderness beyond. You’ll find more than 75 mi...

Biking in Land O' Lakes

Discover vast options

The adventure is boundless and the experiences are as big as the wilderness ­— the fun has no limits in Land O’ Lakes. Biking Continue reading

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