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Birdwatching | Land O' Lakes WI


Encounter the rare and the wonderful

Spend more than a minute in the serene forests around Land O’ Lakes and you’ll discover that you have company. Lots of company. Look around, and you’ll see hawks and loons, swallows and flycatchers, warblers and woodpeckers. Close your eyes, and you’ll hear their songs, their calls, perhaps even their wings. This is paradise for birds and those that love all things wild and beautiful. The mixed hardwood and coniferous forests, clean lakes, wild meadows and bogs of Land O’ Lakes provide ideal habitat for numerous species, including some rare and threatened species. One bird survey, conducted by Birds without Borders, reported 146 bird species at one spot in the Land O’ Lakes area.

A great spot for birding is the Land O’ Lakes Bike and Pedestrian Trail, a paved trail that runs west from Land O’ Lakes and passes through some beautiful forested areas. It skirts the south side of Black Oak Lake, which is considered the clearest lake in Wisconsin and is a popular resting and feeding spot for waterfowl.

West of Land O’ Lakes, the Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area is a 2,189-acre preserve that is filled with migrant songbirds, loons, osprey and eagles. The conservancy has 15 named lakes and more than 36,000 feet of shoreline and its ideal birding country.

Land O’ Lakes is also bordered by millions of acres of national forest, so the birding here is limitless. Just head into the forest and enjoy some good company.

Supporting Businesses

The Pine Cone Café a cozy restaurant, great for breakfast or lunch.

The Sawbuck offering hot drinks and quick food to take with you on your journey.

The Tacklebox carrying the apparel and gear you’ll need for a comfortable and successful birding trek.

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