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UTVing & ATVing | Land O' Lakes WI

UTVing & ATVing

Launch your riding adventure

The most important UTV/ATV trail in Land O’ Lakes is less than a mile long. That special little trail is not about the ride at hand but the ride ahead – the trail is your direct access link to the vast network of trails in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The UP has thousands of miles of remote and beautiful riding, including thousands of miles of national forest roads, state forest roads and local roads where you’re allowed to ride off road vehicles. There’s also more than 1,300 miles of state UTV/ATV trails open for you to explore. The backcountry riding is perfect and endless: think of Land O’ Lakes as your base camp. Here, you can find the lodging, restaurants and fuel you need as well as UTV/ATV rentals, permits and equipment service.

When you head across the border, you’ll be in wild and somewhat isolated country with far more trees than repair services; it’s a good idea to be well-equipped for your adventure. Consider packing a tire repair kit, basic medical supplies, tools, emergency camping gear, food and water. You can find some riding to the south of Land O’ Lakes and can reach Conover via Little Portage Lake Road and Razorback Road. To find the trail to the Upper Peninsula network start at the intersection of Highway 45 and Highway B. Continue west about ¾ of a mile and take a right toward riding paradise.

Trails open May-October: 7am-10pm

Helpful Links

Land O’ Lakes Recreation ATV/UTV rentals, repairs, sales, supplies, and more!

Landover ATV Club Promoting recreational activities for ATV’s and UTV’s in Vilas County, Wisconsin.

The Tacklebox For trail permits, apparel, and supplies.

The Gateway BP For trail permits, fuel, and supplies.

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