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Sylvania Wilderness Area

Just north of Land O’ Lakes is a beautiful and untouched wilderness that was almost lost forever. An early lumberman recognized this as a special place in the 1800s and decided to protect this 19,000-acre forest from the saws. It was a wi...

Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness

There are rivers that gently meander and there are rivers that roar. You’ll find the latter north of Land O’ Lakes, and it’s a truly a sight to behold. The Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness is deep in the Continue reading

Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area

West of Land O’ Lakes, just south of the Michigan border, is a large and carefully-protected conservancy that is a gateway to the wilderness and a bridge between two massive forests. It’s the perfect place to encounter wildlife and disc...

Black River Harbor and Recreation Area

To stand on the shore of Lake Superior is to stand on the shore of an inland sea that has enchanted people as long as they have gazed at its endless horizon. This amazing lake is an easy daytrip from Land O’ Lakes. The Black River Harb...

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