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Black River Harbor and Recreation Area | Land O' Lakes WI

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Black River Harbor and Recreation Area

Waters converge in an unforgettable park

To stand on the shore of Lake Superior is to stand on the shore of an inland sea that has enchanted people as long as they have gazed at its endless horizon. This amazing lake is an easy daytrip from Land O’ Lakes.

The Black River Harbor Recreation Area is a park on the shore of Lake Superior, but this is not an ordinary park. After cascading through a series of impressive waterfalls, the Black River rolls onto itself a final time, before it sends its waters into Superior.

The park is a place adventurers can explore by land or water. There’s a large picnic area but many choose to picnic on the adjacent expansive sand beach. You’ll also find a historic pavilion constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a Depression-era program that employed 100,000 young Michigan men. There’s also a boat launch at the park and docks where boats can tie up.  The harbor is well-protected by two break walls. Trails head into the forest, taking you to scenic waterfall vistas.

To get to the park from Land O’ Lakes, travel east on Highway B to Highway 45 North. Travel 8.2 miles and head west on Highway 2. Travel 47 miles and turn north on Highway 513. Travel 12 miles. The road ends in a large parking lot. You’ll find a footbridge that will take you across the river. It’s a good place to start exploring this majestic place, where a beautiful river ends and a great lake begins.

Open year round, sunrise to sunset.

Phone: 906-932-1330
Address: County Road 513, Bessemer, MI 49911

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