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An extraordinary hike on the Clark Lake Recreation Trail

A trail in the Sylvania Wilderness Area offers a wild and beautiful taste of the Northwoods. The Continue reading

Land O’ Lakes Cross-Country Ski Trails

The forests that surround Land O’ Lakes become a different world in the heart of winter. Snow envelops the wilderness, lacing pine branches and blanketing the forest floor. It’s a silent and peaceful world that you can experience by cro...

Sylvania Outfitters

Generations of visitors have started their adventure at Sylvania Outfitters. Explorers, think of this place as your base of operations. You’ll find all the backcountry gear you don’t want to bring from home; the outfitter rents light ca...

Sylvania Wilderness Area

Just north of Land O’ Lakes is a beautiful and untouched wilderness that was almost lost forever. An early lumberman recognized this as a special place in the 1800s and decided to protect this 19,000-acre forest from the saws. It was a wi...

Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area

West of Land O’ Lakes, just south of the Michigan border, is a large and carefully-protected conservancy that is a gateway to the wilderness and a bridge between two massive forests. It’s the perfect place to encounter wildlife and disc...

Agonikak National Recreation Trail

Just north of Land O’ Lakes is a beautiful trail that leads straight into to the heart of the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan. The Agonikak National Recreation Trail is a ...

Alligator Eye

A short but challenging hike will take you to a beautiful lookout above the Upper Peninsula’s largest lake. You can see for miles on this hike, across and beyond Lake Gogebic. The Alligator Eye trail is easy to miss, but it’s a treasure...

Clark Lake Recreation Trail

There are places near Land O’ Lakes where the lumbermen of the 1800s never camped and saws never touched wood. They not only provide dramatic scenery; they give visitors a chance to experience what the wilderness was like hundreds, or tho...

Deer Island Lake Trail

The gateway to a wild and beautiful forest might be closer than you think. Just north of Land O’ Lakes is a trailhead that’s a little known entrance into the wildest area of the Continue reading

Eagle River-Land O’ Lakes Bike Route

For generations, travelers have escaped to the natural beauty of Land O’ Lakes. Miles of forested byways surround Land O’ Lakes; think of them as your escape route. These roads have little traffic and they will take you into beautiful f...

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