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Chasing wonders

To snowmobile in Land O’ Lakes is to go beyond an ordinary day on the trails. Located on the edge of the Michigan and Wisconsin border, and surrounded by millions of acres of beautifully wild state and national forests, Land O’...

lodging in land of lakes

Lodging that Goes Beyond

Wilderness dreams start in Land O’ Lakes, where the nights are restful and relaxing. This is a place where people sleep well – the sky is filled with stars and the only sound you might hear is the wind ruffling the leaves or the waves l...

Biking in Land O' Lakes

Biking beyond

From the moment you turn onto this route, you’ll know you’re on a special ride. Just west of Land O’ Lakes is the Eagle River-Land O’ Lakes Bike Route. Th...

fishing in Land O' Lakes

Lakes O’ Fish

Whether you’re looking to load up the stringer or nab a big one worth boasting, you won’t find a better fishing spot than the remote wilderness of Land O’ Lakes. Take a trip up north for serene and undisturbed Continue reading


Dining discoveries

Land O’ Lakes restaurants offer flavors as big as the Northwoods. You’ll find restaurants serving delicious breakfasts, satisfying lunches and unforgettable dinners. Whether you’re looking for a classic establishment filled with woodl...



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