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Sylvania Outfitters Ski Trails | Land O' Lakes WI

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Sylvania Outfitters Ski Trails

Miles of trails beckon adventurers

Across the Michigan border in the Ottawa National Forest, you’ll find an expansive network of trails that awaits discovery. Located just 9 miles north Land O’ Lakes, this 25-kilometer network of groomed trails winds through scenic hardwood forests that receive a heady blanket of snow each winter. Ski these trails and you’ll get a sense of the scope and the majesty of the Ottawa National Forest. The trails go on for miles; the forest continues seemingly forever.

Sylvania Outfitters, a business that has more than 40 years of experience outfitting outdoor adventures, grooms these trails for classic and skate skiing in the forest. You’ll find trails of varying length and difficulty and the trails connect to another 32 kilometers of trails in the Sylvania Wilderness. To get to the trails from Land O’ Lakes, take Highway 45 north to U.S. Highway 2. Turn left and hear 1.4 miles west. You’ll find parking for the Sylvania Outfitters on the left. The business rents and sells skis, snowshoes and everything else you need for your winter adventure in the Ottawa.

Open year-round.

Phone: 906-358-4551
Address: E23979 U.S. Highway 2 East, Watersmeet, MI 49969
Website: www.fs.usda.gov/ottawa

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