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Paulding Mystery Light

See the legend for yourself

Just outside Paulding, Michigan, people have been seeing a mysterious light for decades. Skeptics say the light is nothing more than distant car headlights; others point to sightings that occurred long before cars traveled these roads. Some say these lights are supernatural. They say that the light could be a ghost of a railroad brakeman killed in the area, a ghost of a dancing Indian or a ghost of a slain mail courier. Others said the light is swamp gas or a phenomenon caused by geologic activity. Who is right? You be the judge. The mystery has been featured on many television shows such as Fact or Fiction and programs on the History Channel.

You can see the light for yourself most nights. To find the site from Land O‘ Lakes, take Highway 45 north 13.9 miles, turn left on Robbin’s Pond Road, and drive another mile to the dead end of the road. Plan to conduct your investigation for a clear night, and perhaps add your own findings to this intriguing legend.

Light can be seen at nighttime.

Address: Robbins Pond Road, Watersmeet, MI 49969
Website: www.pauldinglight.com

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