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Lifetime Lift & Dock | Land O' Lakes WI

Lifetime Lift & Dock

We have the equipment and crews to get your boat dock and lift in the water as early as possible in the spring. There’s nothing worse than seeing your pier on shore and not being able to use it. In the fall, we do the best job we can to protect your expensive equipment from damage during removal process. Because we have invested in a brand new fork barge and lift trailer, your lift and dock install and removal will be done the correct way.

In the spring, we’ll make sure your dock is installed level and your lift is ready for use. Our barge is equipped with hydraulic forks, a winch, and outriggers to make sure your job is completed quickly and safely.

Business Type: Services

Address: 5051 WI-70 Trunk, Eagle River, WI 54521

Phone: 715-484-9080

Website: https://lifetimeliftanddock.com/


Boat lift pickup and delivery

Pier section transportation

Boat lift and pier sales

Off site storage options

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