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Hunting | Land O' Lakes WI


Make tracks to big adventures

To find success as a hunter, it helps to head for the big country. In Land O’ Lakes, the land goes on for miles and miles. Right across the border is the Ottawa National Forest, a million-acre wilderness that lures hunters looking for something more. This is no suburban park; Land O’ Lakes is in the heart of wild and remote country filled with deer and black bear as well as small game, fur bearers, upland birds and waterfowl.

If you head a hundred yards up into Michigan to hunt, you’ll need to be sure to get a State of Michigan Hunting License and familiarize yourself with the different hunting seasons. Trapping is also available in the Ottawa National Forest. Depending on what you’re trapping, you may need a license, so be sure to read up on all the rules and regulations before heading out. Michigan and Wisconsin licenses are available locally.

You’ll also want to equip yourself with a GPS or some good maps before heading out. This is vast wild country; you want to make sure your day ends where you intend. There are some great maps, including 15 maps specifically for hunters. There are maps that show hunter walking trails as well as grouse maps that show the aspen stands where the birds thrive.

Also near Land O’ Lakes, the 1.5 million acre Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest offers great hunting for large and small game. The forest has dozens of hunting trails, including trails that are managed to enhance wildlife habitat. Obtain the proper Wisconsin license, follow the season regulations and get ready for a hunting adventure that’s as big as the wilderness.

Good Sources of Hunting Supplies, Licenses, and Maps

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